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Madam’s Organ Fined $500 for Open Window

26 Jun 2015

by Tim Regan — June 18, 2015 at 3:00 pm

Madam's Organ, photo via flickr/Adam Fagen(Updated at 3:29 p.m.) Popular Adams Morgan bar Madam’s Organ was fined $500 yesterday for leaving its windows open while a live band played there one year ago.

The Alcoholic Beverage Control Board said in an order released yesterday that the 18th Street NW hangout was being fined specifically for violating a settlement agreement brokered in 2008.
“The doors and windows of the establishment will remain closed from 12:30 a.m. until closing when live music is being played,” reads the original settlement agreement, which is also included in the order. According to the report, an Alcohol Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) inspector personally observed a live band playing “directly in front of one of the establishment’s ground floor windows” between 1:30 and 1:33 a.m. on June 22, 2014.
In April, Madam’s Organ General Manager Carlos Wilcox testified at an ABRA hearing that he “personally closed the windows during the performers’ first break of the night,” and that the band’s drummer “needed air and cracked a window.”
Madams Morgan owner Bill Duggan admits the drummer did crack open the window slightly. Why?
“He opened the window to let [a] fart out,” says Duggan. “He cracked it open for five minutes, then the inspector showed up.”
“Twenty f—–g years with not one violation and this is what they came up with,” Duggan says. “People get stabbed and shot in these other establishments. In ours, someone farts and cracks a window and they spend a year on it.”
According to the order, Madam’s Organ has 30 days to pay the fine, but Duggan says an appeal may be in the works.

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23 Mar 2015

OUR HELP IS NEEDED!!! Amy Vestal, General Manager of Madam's Organ for over 18 years(until she moved to Charleston, SC two years ago) has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer....some of her friends have set up this fundraising site to help her family through what is sure to be a most emotionally and financially draining fight through chemotherapy, radiation and recovery Please help out in any way that you can and, if you know others who know Amy, please share this w them I can tell you with absolute certainty that without Amy's love, hard work and devotion to Madam's for so many years, Madam's Organ would not be the the very special institution that it is today Please Donate Here...











3 Mar 2015

Our own JACK GREGORI makes it on NBC ĎS THE VOICE JACK GREGORI, who sings every wed night at Madamís Organ, auditioned and was picked on last nightís THE VOICE Heíll be on Team Adam.....but here at Madamís heís still Jack, the lead singer and guitarist for Human Country Jukebox A local DC real estate attorney, Jack hopes to use this opportunity to make a new career in the music industry Come see him every Wednesday (til Nashville calls) at Madamís Organ Read more...










Adams Morgan named one of nationís 10 best neighborhoods

2 oct 2014

Adams Morgan is certainly the best neighborhood to go to in D.C. to find a cheap pizza or an escaped panda. But is it one of the best neighborhoods in the country?

The American Planning Association says it is. The nonprofit organization for civic planners came out with its annual list of 10 of the nation’s best neighborhoods Wednesday, and Adams Morgan made the cut, alongside sections of towns from Massachusetts to Georgia to California. The association praised Adams Morgan’s murals, festivals, farmer’s markets and nightlife in bestowing the honor. Read more...







Remembering Chris Polk

9 Dec 2013

Very Sad News......Chris Polk, Blues guitarist, singer and leader of the Chris Polk Band, died SundayIn a business full of big talent and bigger egos, Chris was a breath of fresh air.....easy to deal with, fabulous to hear and watch perform....

and always smiling Chris has been a regular performer and a member of our family of musicians at Madam's since I first heard his sweet, soulful and bluesy rendition of the BeeGees classic, 'To Love Somebody' He didn't cover it: he owned it Irony of ironies, Chris had just agreed to cover Bobby Parker's Dec Saturday gig. Bobby passed on Oct 31st of this year
What a sad year's end for their family at Madam's and for music lovers everywhere