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Madam's Organ History

History - It's not all in Black and White
Cool story. We got our name from the neighborhood, but the neighborhood, Adams Morgan, gets it's name from the two schools that used to be located in this area; The Adams School and The Morgan School. In times of segregation, one school was designated for white people and the other for black people. The bringing together of the name represents the bringing together of the people. Now, the Adams Morgan neighborhood is much more than just black and white; it's a thriving and exceptionally harmonious multicultural society.

The Name - Playing with Words
The name of our bar "Madam's Organ" is just a play on words with "Adams Morgan", the Washington DC neighborhood where we're located. The town of Adams Morgan is an exciting and eclectic neighborhood in Washington DC with a wide variety of great international and ethnic restaurants and some very cool night spots along with our own. In fact, Adams Morgan has long become widely known by Washingtonians for having surpassed Georgetown as the number one place for restaurants and nighttime entertainment in DC.




Murder plot.
No really, Hit Man comes to DC to off Bill Duggan.

No really, Hit Man comes to DC to off Bill Duggan.
It's a lot of work opening a bar in Adams Morgan, but if Madam's owner Bill Duggan knew he'd be the target for a Salvadorian arsonist/hit man, there might possibly be no Madam's Organ.

Excerpt, (Cops to Bill)-
"This is not a game. This woman was very specific. She even went through the words the man is to say to you before he shoots you in the face."